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Ouachita Headwaters Watershed Statistics
Hydrologic Unit Code: 08040101

Land Cover Statistics

Land Use/Land Cover statistics from 1999, 2004 and 2006 are derived from datasets provided by the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (publication dates June 2001, October 2005, and March 2007). The LULC datasets are based on 28.5 meter resolution Landsat imagery provided by the United States Geological Survey.

Population and Population Density Change

Population and Population Density Change data derived from 1990 and 2000 TIGER/Line files and Summary Tape File 1 data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Population data were summarized at the Census Block level.

Population Change Comparison by Watershed

Population Change data derived from 1990 and 2000 TIGER/Line files and Summary Tape File 1 data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Population data were summarized at the Census Block level.

Density Change Comparison by Watershed

Population Density Change data derived from 1990 and 2000 TIGER/Line files and Summary Tape File 1 data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Population data were summarized at the Census Block level.

Roads by Type

Detailed highway and road statistics derived from data provided by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (publication date August 2006).

Surface Water Areas and Lengths in Miles

Stream and waterbody statistics dervied from data provided by the United States Geological Survey, National Hydrography Dataset (publication date 1999).

Watershed Elevation in Feet

Elevation information derived from data provided by the United States Geological Survey, National Elevation Dataset (30 meter resoltuion, publication date 2001).

Businesses by Category

Aggregated business data derived from the InfoBase® List data product provided by Acxiom® Corporation (snapshot date 2006).

NAICS 2 DigitNAICS 4 DigitDescriptionStructures
000000NAICS Code Unknown686
626211Offices of Physicians 364
929211Executive, Legislative, and Other General Government Support 353
818131Religious Organizations 274
727221Full-Service Restaurants 203
818121Personal Care Services 197
545411Legal Services 192
525241Insurance Carriers 183
232382Construction - 23163
535311Lessors of Real Estate 153
444441Building Material and Supplies Dealers 130
616111Elementary and Secondary Schools 128
454539Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers 128
232361Construction - 23128
565617Services to Buildings and Dwellings 124
727211Traveler Accommodation 119
545412Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services 113
818111Automotive Repair and Maintenance 110
626213Offices of Other Health Practitioners 100
525221Depository Credit Intermediation 100
444411Automobile Dealers 95
232381Construction - 2392
444451Grocery Stores 88
494931Warehousing and Storage 81
565614Business Support Services 80
626212Offices of Dentists 76
454532Office Supplies, Stationery, and Gift Stores 76
717139Other Amusement and Recreation Industries 75
444413Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Stores 73
454533Used Merchandise Stores 70
818134Civic and Social Organizations 70
444481Clothing Stores 70
444461Health and Personal Care Stores 69
454511Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores 69
232383Construction - 2364
525222Nondepository Credit Intermediation 63
444431Electronics and Appliance Stores 63
424238Wholesale Trade - 4261
535312Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers 59
545419Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 58
727222Limited-Service Eating Places 57
545413Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services 57
818129Other Personal Services 51
818114Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance 49
525242Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities 45
818113Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair 43
454521Department Stores 43
626214Outpatient Care Centers 41
444421Furniture Stores 36
545418Advertising and Related Services 36
535321Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing 35
222213Water, Sewage and Other Systems 35
454529Other General Merchandise Stores 34
444412Other Motor Vehicle Dealers 33
626216Home Health Care Services 31
444452Specialty Food Stores 30
929221Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities 30
818123Drycleaning and Laundry Services 29
818133Social Advocacy Organizations 29
222211Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution 29
444453Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores 29
626241Individual and Family Services 29
232389Construction - 2329
626219Other Ambulatory Health Care Services 28
454512Book, Periodical, and Music Stores 27
818112Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance 26
444422Home Furnishings Stores 26
626244Child Day Care Services 25
444482Shoe Stores 25
545414Specialized Design Services 25
424234Wholesale Trade - 4225
717121Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions 25
424239Wholesale Trade - 4224
525231Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage 24
525223Activities Related to Credit Intermediation 24
484884Support Activities for Road Transportation 24
616116Other Schools and Instruction 24
484841General Freight Trucking 23
323219Other Wood Product Manufacturing 23
818139Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations 23
424236Wholesale Trade - 4221
232371Construction - 2320
818122Death Care Services 20
444483Jewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores 20
323231Printing and Related Support Activities 20
525239Other Financial Investment Activities 19
444442Lawn and Garden Equipment and Supplies Stores 19
535324Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing 19
727212RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Recreational Camps 18
484881Support Activities for Air Transportation 18
616115Technical and Trade Schools 17
232373Construction - 2317
818131NAICS Code Unknown17
545416Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services 16
424233Wholesale Trade - 4215
515151Information, Entertainment - 5115
454531Florists 15
313121Beverage Manufacturing 15
626221General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 15
424235Wholesale Trade - 4214
727224Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 13
515191Information, Entertainment - 5113
565615Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services 13
565613Employment Services 13
535322Consumer Goods Rental 12
232379Construction - 2312
535313Activities Related to Real Estate 12
565629Remediation and Other Waste Management Services 12
424232Wholesale Trade - 4212
111131Timber Tract Operations 12
515121Motion Picture and Video Industries 11
424231Wholesale Trade - 4211
565611Office Administrative Services 11
424247Wholesale Trade - 4211
616113Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools 11
323273Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing 11
333366Ship and Boat Building 11
444471Gasoline Stations 10
424245Wholesale Trade - 4210
565619Other Support Services 10
515111Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Database Publishers 9
929241Administration of Environmental Quality Programs 9
484853Taxi and Limousine Service 9
232372Construction - 239
565616Investigation and Security Services 9
454543Direct Selling Establishments 9
484842Specialized Freight Trucking 8
424244Wholesale Trade - 428
494911Postal Service 8
515172Information, Entertainment - 518
717111Performing Arts Companies 8
727223Special Food Services 8
515181Information, Entertainment - 517
484812Nonscheduled Air Transportation 7
717131Amusement Parks and Arcades 7
333323Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing 7
424249Wholesale Trade - 427
515171Information, Entertainment - 516
929281National Security and International Affairs 6
313141Textile Furnishings Mills 6
111121Cattle Ranching and Farming 6
333329Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing 5
626231Nursing Care Facilities 5
313118Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing 5
484859Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation 5
545415Computer Systems Design and Related Services 5
717115Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers 5
313116Animal Slaughtering and Processing 5
454542Vending Machine Operators 4
333353Electrical Equipment Manufacturing 4
484851Urban Transit Systems 4
484879Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Other 4
323261Plastics Product Manufacturing 4
484821Rail Transportation 4
494922Local Messengers and Local Delivery 4
232356NAICS Code Unknown4
111123Poultry and Egg Production 3
333399Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing 3
323255Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing 3
626239Other Residential Care Facilities 3
535323General Rental Centers 3
616114Business Schools and Computer and Management Training 3
333391Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing 3
333333Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing 3
424248Wholesale Trade - 423
212131Support Activities for Mining 3
424241Wholesale Trade - 423
424246Wholesale Trade - 423
717114Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures 3
232362Construction - 233
626215Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 3
333364Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing 3
717112Spectator Sports 3
565622Waste Treatment and Disposal 3
424237Wholesale Trade - 423
929231Administration of Human Resource Programs 3
333371Household and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing 2
515175Information, Entertainment - 512
818141Private Households 2
323271Clay Product and Refractory Manufacturing 2
515173Information, Entertainment - 512
616117Educational Support Services 2
565621Waste Collection 2
484855Charter Bus Industry 2
818121NAICS Code Unknown2
929261Administration of Economic Programs 2
313152Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing 2
333351Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing 2
333359Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing 2
333328Coating, Engraving, Heat Treating, and Allied Activities 1
818132Grantmaking and Giving Services 1
313162Footwear Manufacturing 1
484883Support Activities for Water Transportation 1
313115Dairy Product Manufacturing 1
111133Logging 1
818123NAICS Code Unknown1
515182Information, Entertainment - 511
999999NAICS null1
626242Community Food and Housing, and Emergency and Other Relief Services 1
333344Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 1
313112Grain and Oilseed Milling 1
333335Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing 1
111152Support Activities for Animal Production 1
484811Scheduled Air Transportation 1
313159Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing 1
333369Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing 1
545417Scientific Research and Development Services 1
515122Sound Recording Industries 1
323221Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills 1
626212NAICS Code Unknown1
626243Vocational Rehabilitation Services 1
111114Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture Production 1
515152Information, Entertainment - 511
323262Rubber Product Manufacturing 1
222212Natural Gas Distribution 1
454541Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses 1
424251Wholesale Trade - 421
333341Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing 1
333315Foundries 1
323211Sawmills and Wood Preservation 1
333321Forging and Stamping 1

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